Marloe Marloe

Ry Speckled Iron Spoon Rest - Speckled Iron + Gloss


The Ry Speckled Iron Spoon Rest forms part of our latest kitchen additions and has been created in collaboration with Gaya Ceramic in Ubud. This limited-edition piece is produced exclusively by hand by our expert makers with the most refined hand building techniques.

Designed to be used while cooking to rest your utensils on when in use.  This form is food safe.  Once sold out this limited-edition form will not be reproduced.  The Amal capsule of hand-crafted works designed to elevate the home and daily rituals while bringing about a sense of warmth and familiarity to your space.

Produced using a verity of speckled iron clay bodies this jug is both robust and refined.  The iron flecks within the clay body draw to the surface of the clay during the reduction gas firing process, as the iron particles melt they blossom creating a unique surface texture with a slight natural shimmer. 

A contrasting gloss glaze has been used sparingly used alongside the high iron clay, this not only illuminates the iron flecks but also ensures the pieces are suitable for daily use. 

Dimensions: 10 cm wide by 10 cm high

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