Savannah Morrow

Radhika Dress - Garnet


Crafted in 100% Peace Silk

Immerse yourself in opulence with Radhika. This open-back dress, in vivid garnet red, emulates the vibrant colors of extravagant Jaipur palaces. Crafted from our lightweight, silky fabric, it drapes elegantly to display an open back. Gold chain details add a touch of regal allure while the invisible side zipper ensures a seamless fit.

Fabric & Fit Details: This fabric is light-weight and silky smooth. Radhika features a side zipper and three buttons at the nape of the neck for closure. The open back has a gold chain detail. Handle with care.

Our garments are entirely handmade. Since our fibers are natural and most of the fabrics are handwoven, there can be slight inconsistency within each garment. Slight color variations, slight spec difference (within tolerance) and fabric texture are normal. As much as we want our products to be 100% perfect and consistent, it's not always possible. We have learned to love these qualities as they mimic earth’s own inconsistent, yet naturally perfect beauty.

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