Marloe Marloe

Noah Stoneware Vase


Noah Stoneware Vase is the hero vessel of the Amal Collection. The perfect stand-alone statement piece that is sure to draw the eye.  Noah is perfect for a large bouquet of flowers and is watertight. 

One of the dry glaze hero vases of the Amal collection, this hand crafted vase was formed on the potter's wheel by skilled artisans on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The vase is bisque fired in a gas kiln before being glazed by hand. The vessel is placed upside down on the wheel and slowly turned as the glaze is hand poured down the pieces creating unique movement and patterns.

The dry glaze used on these pieces is a mixture of stains and iron oxides suspended in water. A variety of different tones and tints are used to create depth in pattern and colour. Each form will have slight differences in both shape and glaze creating a truly unique vessel.

Dimensions: 20 cm wide by 37 cm high

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