By Nye

Forever Turning Hoops


The Forever Turning Hoops are part of the Layered Exposure collection. 

Layered Exposure is an exploration of tension found within metal, movement and texture.  Metal is manipulated; twisted and layered, contorting to a single form. As it ebbs and flows, it takes on a shape of its own; embodying a flow that sits in contrast to its solid structure. This tension becomes earrings that shift profile when viewed from different angles, hoops overflowing, thick metal; forever twirling around your neck. There you find a point of softness, on your body, in your body.

The Forever Turning Hoops are a medium 3/4 hoop that feature a thick twisted profile that dramatically frames the face.

Approximate hoop dimensions - 3.9cm x 2.9cm

Approximate hoop thickness - 5mm

All gold-plated pieces are made with a solid sterling silver base.

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