Released From Love

Oversized Cast Pearl Studs


Classic Everyday Style With a Soft Statement Edge

Our Oversized Cast Pearl Studs blur the line between everyday wear and statement. This piece stands against the use of unethically sourced pearls in jewelry by casting recycled pearls into recycled sterling silver. Ethically handcrafted in Australia from both recycled sterling silver and 24ct gold vermeil, the Oversized Cast Pearl Studs detail our signature use of aesthetic contradiction - perfect meets imperfect; abstract meets minimal; fine meets chunky. 

The Details

  • Handcrafted: ethically & sustainably handmade in Australia to last centuries not seasons
  • Weight: light as an eggshell, 7 grams
  • Materials: precious metals, recycled sterling silver or 24ct gold vermeil 
  • Packaging: sustainable, FSC certified with an anti-tarnish bag made from organic fair-trade cotton

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