Bioactive Face Masque


A charcoal mask unlike any other.

This soothing, hydrating and clarifying mask was developed for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Immediately calms inflammation, redness and blemishes. Organic flame tree, high in flavonoids and vitamin C, protects skin from UV damage and free radicals while promoting natural collagen production. After use, skin is left feeling hydrated, decongested and smooth. Naturally fades dark spots with ongoing use.

Sustainably packaged, non-binary and cruelty-free.

Best for oily, congested, dehydrated, or blemished skin.

Created for sensitive skin that may experience redness, inflammation or acne; and for those who want to fade dark spots naturally.

Made in Canada.
Gentle on all skin types.

68ml / 2.3fl oz

Purifying Charcoal & Rare Flame Tree



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