Having been born and raised in Manhattan Beach, The Ocean has always been a love of my life that I’ve known and truly treasured since thoughts were first formed. When your a beach kid since birth, The Ocean and all her glory remain a TRUE part of your heart and soul that is cherished forever. As a lover of her,  I try all I can do to protect her.. to nurture her.. to teach my children to respect and to love her, and most often align myself with organizations and brands whose sole purpose is to do just that- to protect and care for what we beach goers deem our biggest treasure.. Our Ocean, Our backyard, Our home.
So for this Earth Day, we at Blvd will donate a % of ALL our sales today to both Heal the Bay and The Oceana Foundation. As a community whose shores share that with the sand, it is not only an honor to do this today, but it is our duty. Protect her, serve her, nurture her, and love her.. TODAY and EVERYDAY!

 With gratitude, love and appreciation, 
 Brieana Altamura